How to get your man to cook more, in three easy steps

Step 1: Buy a grill.
It doesn't have to be super fancy.  In fact, if you can find one on display outside Walmart, and it's the last one and is dirty and/or a little banged-up (and it's almost the end of grill season), the Walmart manager just might give you a discount of, say, 20%.  Maybe even more.

Step 2: Buy food.  

Steak, chicken, peppers, burgers, pineapple.  The men usually go for the meat, but you can probably slip some fruit and veggies in there.  You might also want to buy some grill accessories like tongs, a spatula, a fork, and a scrubber.  They're not necessary but they make the whole "grilling experience" more complete, and that's what we're going for here.

Step 3: Enjoy your meals. 

Compliment your man on how great his grilling skills are.  You know how men like to be complimented, it encourages them.  You might be eating off the grill every night!  That means your man is cooking every night!  And this, my friends, is a very good thing.

That's all it takes guys!
Awesome, right?


Emily said...

Unfortunately, this did not work for me. Derek hates to cook and that includes the grill. So, if I want anything grilled, I'm still cooking it myself. haha!

Miriam said...

And don't ever learn how to operate the grill yourself! (That includes dutch ovens).

Jean said...

Emily, oh no! I'm sorry about that. I definitely lucked out in the husband-cooking department.