Growing Girl

Last weekend I went to a bunch of yard sales around town.
(I would say I went "yardsaling" but I hate that phrase even though everyone uses it, and is there a correct way to spell it?  Is it even a word?  Does anyone else care?)

Here's the thing: MG is eating herself out of all her clothes.  Seriously, that girl can eat.  She treats every meal as if it were her last. We can't keep up with it, and neither can the onesies.

So I've been checking yard sales, online and off.  Everyone knows you can get baby girl clothes in great condition at yard sales, because everyone goes overboard buying tonsssss of clothes for their girls, because little girl clothes are just so darn cute.  Then the clothes hardly get used, if in fact they are used at all.

But here's the other thing: every other baby in the world is a girl MG's age.
Okay, not really.  It just seems like it because at every yard sale I frequented, the 6-9 month clothes were the only ones gone.  Same story online!  All 6-9 month girl clothes are snatched up the instant they are offered, and I've had a crazy time trying to find anything.

Finally I caught someone BEFORE she offered the clothes up to the internet, and I went to her house before the others could get there, and I got a bunch of cute stuff (too much?) for cheap.
Which is good, because MG will probably outgrow it all in no time.


Fig said...

I would be packing all Viv's stuff right off to your house if I weren't hoping for a Viv round 2 someday. Sorry about that.

The Farrers said...

I just gave all of Melia's old clothes to some friends. This sounds cheap and lame, but you're welcome to what's left in the bucket after they rummage through!

Jean said...

Oh dear. This wasn't supposed to be a "we need clothes" post but a "how is every baby a girl and the same size?!" post. Laurel - we're good now! But thank you! And Fig, I really hope you get a Viv round 2.

Fig said...

No, I know, but I seriously have thought about it. Every time I see EG, I'm like, "BUT WHAT IF I NEVER HAVE ANOTHER BABY GIRL?" Because I want to see your fat baby in the clothes my fat baby used to wear, that's why.