Unforeseen Consequences

I was browsing through the kids' shoes at Kmart a few days ago, looking for something for Liam.  He's outgrown his sandals and we lost half of his only other pair of shoes (darn those little things), so he has really been needing something.

I looked .... and looked ... and looked ... and found nothing in his size.  NOTHING.  Not a single pair of boys' shoes, that is.  I dug through the mounds of clearance shoes, hoping to find a box with a "5" or even a "6" on it.  Nada.  I scanned over the wall of regular-priced shoes, wondering just what might have caused this strange phenomenon.

And then I remembered.

There's an army of little boys exactly Liam's age.

And, by the looks of it, a horde of girls exactly my little girl-fetus's age ... to come.
(How and why does this happen?? Anyone?)

Good-bye, clearance shopping!


Danielle said...

Online clearance shopping. Awesome.

amy morgan said...

When I worked at the floral shop in Salt Lake we experienced the same thing! One week we'd be sending out mostly blue - the next week was dominantly pink. Weird!
Even more weird . . . it was the same with funeral flowers. So, I guess the universe evens itself out coming and going ;)