Last week I turned 24 on the 24th.
It was a typical mom birthday, complete with a Subway lunch (thanks Ang!) and Velveeta shells & cheese dinner (thanks honey!) and brownie/cheesecake desserts (thanks Pinterest!).  I made some delicious new recipes and will post them on the Edd blog post-haste, for those who are interested. 

We also had some friends over in the evening to help us eat them (thanks friends!).

I contemplated piercing my ears for the occasion - you know I've been thinking about doing it forever - but of course I didn't get around to it.  Now I'm wondering if this is just the wrong stage of life for it.  Babies pulling on my ears?  More stuff to buy and try to keep track of?  Ouch.

Today I am 26 weeks along, and looky here, I took a picture of myself:
I think I'm about the same size as last pregnancy.  In fact, I FEEL smaller, but probably because the first time I was like "My body!! Not my own anymore!!" and stuff ... you know how it goes.  This time I'm just feeling lucky that I've had it so good.

And speaking of good, I'll have you know that I am staying busy.  The projects this week included sewing some curtains, picking upholstery fabric for my chairs, reorganizing a little, and wall-papering the inside of our bedroom closets.  Why wallpaper, you ask?  Well, why not?

The doors were ugly, the wallpaper was cheap, and the makeover took very little time because I am a wallpapering expert (thanks Mom!).  Also, I love the results.

Please, ignore the clutter because IT WILL BE GONE and/or completely reorganized within a few months.  
Don't you worry.

When the rooms are all done and I am happy with them, I'll post more (and better) pictures.  These are just the in-between pictures, got it?


Michemily said...

Happy magical birthday!

Danielle said...

You look amazing! And I must say, your blog is really probably the #1 reason I'm so happy to have the internet again. I missed your posts!!