A door closed, a window opened

When my family moved to Roosevelt ten years ago, the only family in the area we could claim was my aunt Lana, her husband and their daughter.
To our great astonishment and delight, less than a year later, my mother's parents followed us.  They bought a house next to Lana - a few doors down from us.  And the partying commenced.

We had family reunions, birthday parties, circle parties, holiday meals, lunch outings; you name it, we celebrated it.  Even when there wasn't anything to celebrate, we celebrated.  While I was away at college Grandma supplied me with McDonald's gift cards to keep me from starving.  (You should see what she gave Kiana!)  We've had some jolly times, I tell you.

But things have changed, and Grandpa's health is not what it used to be.  One thing our town can't provide is the kind of care that he needs.  He and Grandma decided to move back to the Salt Lake Valley, closer to their other children (and most of the population of Utah).

AND .... they bought a house in Glenmoor!  Our old neighborhood!
(Severn Circle, Laurel & Linnea?)

We moved them out last week.  Dann & Angie bought their house - you know how we keep things in the fam - and are in the process of moving.

Meanwhile, a cousin of Slice's found a job in the Basin and relocated here.  He and his wife (and two young ones) are living in Vernal, the first extended family of Slice's to move to the area.  We're pretty excited.
Let the partying commence!


The Farrers said...

How fun! It doesn't get any better than good ol' glenmoor!

Tauni said...

That is super close to my parents. I am just not sure if severn is in my parents ward or not!

Linnea said...

Severn circle!! What a great place!

Glenmoor is good for the health and the soul. :-)