Pregnancy, Part II

Although no one has actually asked me yet, I'm pretty sure you're all wondering the same thing: how is this pregnancy different from the last?

And since I am nothing if not obliging, I have compiled a list of differences. Chiefly for your enjoyment.

First - gender.  For no reason that I can recall, Slice and I assumed that we would have a baby girl first.  So when, at our very first doctor's appointment, we had an ultrasound that looked suspiciously manly, we were thrown for quite a loop.  BUT!  According to our 2 ultrasounds thus far, I am indeed carrying a girl.  So now, I get to think about the drama that will subsequently be added upon our household.  And be really excited for the girly stuff.

Second - symptoms.  My pregnancy symptoms were fairly mild the first time around, but I think this time they've been even milder.  Possibly because I've been on Synthroid (I was suspicious about thyroid problems even during last pregnancy), which has helped tremendously with fatigue and dizziness, etc.  Also, because I know that I can't let myself get hungry, I plan accordingly.  Thus far I have slept better at night and experienced fewer symptoms - nighttime arthritis, leg cramps and restlessness - than last time.

Third - food.  Once again I haven't really had "cravings," per se.  I am really liking chocolate and peanut butter, especially together! but I eat like I normally do, and I don't feel guilty.  My first baby turned out just fine ...

Fourth - my brain.  Okay.  Last pregnancy I was obsessed with my baby; it was all I could think about.  Will my water break?  Will I be in public?  How will I fare in labor & delivery?  What if he's ugly? Where will he sleep?  Where will I put all my other furniture? What other furniture do I need?  What kind of mother will I be?
It was nine months of annoyance and exhaustion for me AND Slice.
This time, I am much calmer about everything.  I have deliberately put off the nesting (i.e. changing & collecting furniture, rearranging & improving my home) instinct because right now, there is nothing I can do about it.  And there won't be anything I can do until we have a few months' worth of Slice's paychecks in the bank.  Then I'll go crazy.

Fifth - anticipation.  Of labor, mostly.  Before I experienced it myself, I was literally terrified of the childbirth process.  Everything else I was confident I could do.  (I was right.)
This time, even though I know what I'm getting myself into, I somehow find myself in anticipation instead of dread.  There is something so incredible about childbirth that even the pain doesn't scare me anymore -
and THAT is saying something.

Plus, I get a baby out of the whole deal.
(And now I really know what that means.)

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Cade and Kelsie said...

It's amazing to me that each pregnancy can be so different for the same person, but I've witnessed that with my sister-in-laws! Hope you are doing well!