help me please

I am driving Slice crazy.
He knows it, I know it - and for the record, I am driving myself crazy too.
Call it "nesting" or whatever you want ... but all that I can think about now (day and night!) is what to buy, how to organize and rearrange and decorate our living room/storage room/bedroom before the baby comes. I've been shopping online and in stores and in my dreams, going over our options again and again.
In the last four days I've spent over 4 hours looking at car seats and strollers alone.
(The options are endless, you know?)

As I said before, we've been given a lot of things for the baby - for which I am eternally grateful. Not only because we didn't have to pay for them, but because I didn't have to decide on them.
See, remember a long time ago I told you that Slice has been hooked up with more free stuff than anyone you know? Well, what I didn't realize until last week was that, aside from the IKEA filing cabinet we bought over Christmas break, WE HAVE NEVER BOUGHT A PIECE OF FURNITURE. Everything we own was given to us by someone else: bed, couches (5!), TVs, table & chairs, dresser, bookshelves, desks. You name it, we haven't bought it.

What this means is that we have never had to decide what colors, themes, or styles we like. Even with all the HGTV we've watched together. I should be able to buy a dang bookshelf - or even a curtain - but WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE IT IN THREE YEARS??

Such anxiety!

Also, does anyone have recommendations/warnings about car seat travel systems before I make my final decision?


Tay said...

I would go with Graco. Strollers are big and bulky, but man can you pack a lot of crap in the bottom basket of a travel system stroller. I really like my Graco system and I would buy the same thing again. And then just get whatever color YOU LIKE. Because THE BABY DOESN"T CARE.

And get a purple or pink or blue or green diaper bag because it's yours, not the baby's.

And if you don't like it in 3 years, sell it and buy another one.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

I think it would be much more difficult in this day and age to buy baby things because, as you've said, there are so many options now! Good luck with everything, and try not to get too frenzied...

Brent said...

Didn't like our Eddie Bauer car seat, especially the car snap-in thingy. However, we absolutely love the stroller that came with it. The Woods have a newer version of ours and seem to like it much better. While I haven't had a Graco, I like the ones I've seen. We'll probably be looking for a Graco next time...Megan's had enough of the Eddie Bauer car seat.

Fig said...

We got a convertible car seat - fits teeny babies up to toddlers. I want to HOLD my baby, I had no desire to pack her arond in one of those detachable infant car seats. I like our big beast (it's a Britax and barely fits in our SUV) but it doesn't look quite as comfortable for Viv as the little reclined detachable ones. She likes it though.

Also ... we have a Graco stroller and it's nice. Big, but nice.

B said...

No suggestions here, but you are more than welcome to the almost brand new play pen that is at my folks place. I bought it for their house so i wouldn't have to pack one every time we came out. I promise it is almost brand new. i say that because i hate using other peoples stuff. but if you want it it is yours.

Bonnie said...

This is totally a personal opinion thing, but I opted for not getting a travel system, and instead getting just a nice stroller that reclines so you can use it even when baby's really young. I just saw so many young mothers wrestling those huge plastic strollers into their cars and didn't want that to be me. My Mom ended up buying us a Maclaren stroller, which we love! Sturdy, folds up REALLY SMALL, and is easy to get L into. We LOVE it,especially since it is supposed to be THE stroller to have in New York.