Is it weird

-that this is my 300th blog post? Have I been jabbering for that long?

-that I talk to other drivers from my car?
Not necessarily road rage phrases either, but "go ahead" and "sorry" and "thank you!" etc. Can't stop myself.

-that I still think of this baby as a girl sometimes? and that Slice does too?

I have this phobia that we will have planned for a boy for 6 months only to go through labor and find out it's a GIRL. Either way, it will be happy, but what if the ultrasounds were wrong? We've always thought our first would be a girl. And every time I tell people "it's a boy," it sounds weird.

Am I crazy?


Fig said...

First thing I said after Viv was born (before I had seen her whole naked self) was "Is it a girl?" So you're not the only one who wondered up til the day of discovery.

I do the car-talking thing too.

Nate and Rio said...

That's not crazy... Both Nate and I are convinced that we are having twins this time, even though we just had an ultrasound and only saw one baby. Ya never know what can happen!

Linnea said...

I talk to other drivers, too. I think I inherited that from my mom. I also cannot stop myself from doing it.

T.R. Morgan said...

Or it could just be a girly-boy like Dorian.