On a brighter note

These things are making me happy right now:

  • organizing closets
  • fresh cut-up strawberries in milk for breakfast
  • hot showers (as always)
  • cool mornings, warm sunny days, pleasant evenings
  • tinfoil dinners and s'mores
  • a newly-painted bedroom
  • new 500 tc sheets ($28!)
  • a certain someone dating a certain someone else
  • testing in the LMC = QUIET
  • Slice's new pants that I picked out that look so good
  • free baby stuff! so far we've been given a crib, cradle/cradle set, changing table pad, baby carrier, many blankets and darling clothes (not to mention all the maternity clothes I've worn this pregnancy). family and friends are wonderful!
  • Baby's head is DOWN. GOOD BABY. Cue collective sigh of relief.


Fig said...

Viv turned somersaults up to the very end. Here's hoping Slice Jr. stays down! Also, I want strawberries.

Jean said...

Really? He's been in the same position for probably six weeks now. I know because his feet are always in the exact same place. Under my right ribs.