We are finally at the painting stage!
Although we'll be IN this stage for a while, because between the traveling and schooling and working and churching -and don't forget the coaching- we are both so busy we can't do anything about the room. Blech.
Still haven't decided on the color anyway...
In other news, last weekend was awesome.
I mini-golfed with my Slice for the first time ever. YES he took his own putter in and YES I was embarrassed about that, and YES he beat me, but I wasn't bad either so it was really fun.
We also ate some surprisingly good Japanese food and had a little baby BBQ with friends - which I cannot recommend enough. We got some darling baby stuff and visited with friends I haven't seen for far too long! Thank you everyone who came.
(No pictures though.)
Last night I was a judge for the Altamont Idol competition. Going in I had no idea what would be expected of me (praise? criticism?) so I was a little nervous. I've still never even watched an episode of American Idol. Fortunately, we had a rubric and gave scores and that was it. Phew!

Lastly, I somehow slept through Phil's win even with Slice right next to me, watching and hollering (and fist-pumping) every so often. I'm thinking that is the best way to watch sports.

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jane pryor said...

love that you're decorating the room! so so fun! i like in juno when she's like "Cheesecake...or (i forgot so i'm improvising) creme brulee!"

also, altamont idol sounds fun, and you'd be so good at it.

do you guys own a house now? or just rent? are you still at the library working? i am sorry i didn't get to come to your shower... i feel bad. i miss you.