this week

Last Saturday:
I was a slacker and did not take a picture of this desk before we sanded it down. Just imagine dark wood with scratches and dents, tons of tiny holes gouged in the top (teenage boys are so destructive), and old brass handles. The actual wood is really beautiful, so we had a hard time deciding if we should try to refinish with new stain or just paint over it. Paint won.
(Less work AND I hate having several different shades of wood in one room. Bookshelf, table, entertainment center, picture frames - now I'm tempted to paint everything white!)

We spent the day sanding, priming and painting, and moving. I am now sitting at the finished product.
(old paneling makes for a great painting surface)
Our light fixture is finally gone. Good riddance!
The new one-bulb fixture lights the room better than the old three-bulb one, that's how bad it was.
Slice and his mom also replaced the outlets in the room.

Slice sanded and patched up all the tears in the drywall. I didn't help him.
But I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond again, in just a few hours. I love that book.
And I made German pancakes for two meals in a row. (Yum!)
And now I'm going to sit in front of the TV for at least eight hours in the next two days. I'll have to find some projects to do....