House of Chaos

My house looks, literally, like a tornado has gone through it.

We have nowhere to sit and eat "meals" except on our bed. Clothes, tools, rags and papers are strewn all over the furniture that is stuffed into the living room. Drywall in the hall blocks the entrance to the kitchen/laundry room, where an air compressor and shop vac take up the rest of the floor space. Buckets, brushes, rollers and dishes fill up the countertop and sink.

So the "weekend remodel" has, naturally, turned into a 3-week-long project that is taking its toll on my (already fragile) sanity.

I'll take this tornado over the (two-month long) thunderstorm that was in my living room ANY DAY.

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The Farrers said...

Ah, the joys of home improvement. Trust me, we know them all too well!