Name Game

I don't know why (besides the hormones) but I get a leetle irritated when people ask me if we've picked a name. Kind of like the people who ask every day "How are you feeling?" or "When are you due again?" or "Do you know what you're having?"
Oh, I think I figured it out.
It's annoying only when I don't think they want to hear the real answer.

All well-meaning people, for sure. But they want to hear
"I'm feeling great!"
"June 3"
or "boy"
when it's all so much more complicated than that.

I don't really believe in due dates; I feel differently every 10 minutes; and this boy/girl/name thing is borderline ridiculous. Slice is STILL convinced we're having a girl!

So yeah, a long time ago we pretty much had a name picked out, tentatively of course, because I think it's weird to name children before you see them. But then we didn't talk about it for months and now we are having serious issues.
One night Slice randomly asked "What do you think about the name Paul? Or Timothy?"
"Paul is all right ... Timothy, no. Not with Morgan. Where did these come from?"
He'd been reading in the New Testament or something.

Then a few weeks ago we were discussing names with my aunt and uncle, and again out of the blue Slice says, "Do you like the name Taylor?"
I thought about it. "Taylor is fine. Sure."
"With the middle name 'Made'?"
"Taylor Made."
"Or Cal?"

The latest? He won't even discuss it with me, because now he's thinking of girl names.

This child is going to have identity issues.


Syd said...

I get annoyed with "how are you feeling" to. Its almost like the question people ask when they're not sure what else they should say but feel like they should address the fact that you're pregnant. I would rather they ignore me than ask me how I'm feeling for the 10th time. I don't like being reminded that I should be feeling miserable.

As far as names, I thin Dorian is funny. As long as he doesn't second guess the poor child's name once he/she is born then I think its great. Your child with have the best name because it was so well thought out. ;)

Cade and Kelsie said...

I do hate the name question. I never realized that until everyone began asking me that! Just wait and see that's what we are going to do.

Bonnie said...

Oh, I hated all the standard questions people asked, but especially when people asked what we were going to name her. We had a name, but I didn't want to hear people's reactions to it (I don't care if someone had a coworker with that name and they were a real jerk), so we just told people we hadn't decided.

As far as the rest of pregnancy woes go - they're awful, aren't they? But you're almost there! It's totally worth it!

Fitness freak said...

this post really made me laugh :) great blog