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Let's get some of these blog drafts published, shall we? Maybe I'll just combine them all into one?

I've mentioned here before that I've been trying to find ways to get Slice to read - for fun. But all I've had to go on is that he likes Dan Brown and golf. (Go figure.)

So a couple weeks ago I cataloged a bunch of new books and took three of them home. The first I read in an afternoon, the second is gonna take me a while to get through, the third I thought Slice might actually like. I asked him if I could read it aloud while we drove to Provo.
And ... BINGO!
I have created a monster. Since I couldn't help much with the priming/painting in the bedroom last week, I read to the husband while he worked. And if I ever stopped for more than ten seconds he said "Keep going! Keep reading!!" Like a slave driver. Sheesh.
(Chuckle chuckle.)
He wants me to read all hours of the day and night, even when I am so exhausted I can't keep my eyes open. Finally I refuse and go to bed, and he stays up and reads ahead of me. The book is strange, I'll tell you that; I've never read anything like it. But I am on to something here.

So yeah, the painting is done and most of the furniture is moved back in. But we don't have baseboards yet and I'm still trying to decide just how I want it configured. I've spent hours online looking at drapes and bedskirts and sheets and lamp shades, without buying any of course, because I have to see everything before I will buy anything. That's just how I shop. Doesn't that make you love me.
(I'll post some pictures later.)

Last Saturday Slice and I went to a wedding reception -BH style!- and then to Prom to take students' tickets. Weird for four reasons:
  1. WAY WAY WAYYY too much skin. Not even pretty skin. Look, you shouldn't really be that immodest in the first place, but especially if you can't pull it off. Please be considerate of my gag reflexes.
  2. Chocolate fountains and all the stuff to go IN chocolate fountains - but no toothpicks. Just finger foods in runny, drippy milk chocolate. Who thought that was a good idea? For Prom?
  3. I am very pregnant and have developed elephantine feet. This is a shame because a) I have beautiful feet normally and b) now I don't fit into any of my shoes, even sandals and c) I wanted to dance! It was a dance! But Slice said no.
  4. I am very pregnant (also married) and five years ago I was AT THIS SAME PROM in this same building, and boy did I think I would be back now?
The answer is no.

Today is Library Snapshot Day, and once upon a time I was surprised by how many kids came into this place, considering how I never ever came here except to make copies for band. And maybe you still think I'm exaggerating about how CRAZY the LMC is before school and during lunch, but look! I have stats! I've been keeping them all day.
Between the time I opened the doors and the time the bell rang to start school (7:55-8:20), about 140 kids came in. During lunch we had 120.
You probably don't care but I do, because I like statistics and I want to be a demographer someday. Demography. Yummy.

Oh hey, did you know that two incomes means more money than one? AWESOME. Spring/summer means we are out of the great money-sucking pit of winter (that traveling to Japan caused) in the Slice of Jean household ....
... for two more months, that is.

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Linnea said...

I love reading books to Jeff while we drive places. It's so great. It has to be a book I've read before though, otherwise I get carsick.

And I agree about the whole immodesty/grossness thing. I don't know why strapless dresses are so in style, they look good on a very select few.