No I'm not miserable, why do you ask?

So my right ankle was out of commission for a couple days.
Just a sprain, compliments of snow + concrete + my awkwardness carrying glass baking dishes from the car to the house. The pan didn't even break! And I got a pretty sweet-looking bruise on my left knee. Plus crutches for two days.

Otherwise, it hurts to do everything and anything these days. It hurts to sit, to get up from a sitting position; it hurts to walk; it hurts to roll over; it hurts to wake up; and it really hurts to pull the blankets back on my body after I've kicked them off in the middle of the night.
(Blast this arthritis thing! Do I ever want to grow old??)
(Or be pregnant again?)

The contractions are getting longer and more painful, but not doing anything else yet. (People get up to talk in church and see me and they think I'm in labor but nope! Just gearing up, ha.)

But: Things are getting done around the house, painful or no. The closets are clean and organized! The storerooms are almost there! The bookshelf, whether it stays or goes, is looking pretty good right now. I even put up a little valance in our kitchen window.... the only thing I still want to buy is a glider chair for the bedroom.

And for some reason I am trying not to look miserable. I try to hide the waddle and the exhaustion and stuff. Really, there's no dignity in this business, and I suppose it's time I just got used to it.

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Heather said...

You're doing fabulous Rach! Hang in there! I know that you are miserable, and I hope that your baby comes early. I promise that you will feel better SOON! Love you lots!