I now interrupt the usual Slice/Jean chatter to make an important announcement.

My father has been nominated for an Eighth District Court Judgeship.

He made it through the interview process and is now subject to public comment.

My network is small, I know, but I want to get the word out as well as I can. Because if he got this judgeship it would be the best thing that happened to this family since ... well ... since my dad married my mom. Seriously.

I've had this blog post about my dad planned for like a year now, about how I can't say enough good about him and how he's not only the greatest father in the world but also probably the best person I know, period. But then I remembered how it bugs me when political candidates flout their church service and "family life" like it qualifies them for the job they want.
So. Let me say this:

My father is a man of integrity and compassion.
He is driven by a sense of justice that I have never seen in anyone else.
He doesn't get mixed up in small-town prejudices and petty politics.
He knows the law, and has wanted to be a judge (I think) for his entire life.
And he's the best candidate for this position.

(He also has no idea I am writing this because he wanted to keep the whole business under wraps.)

But I think we can find people who care enough to send a simple letter. So I'm asking what he won't.

Would you help? Tell anyone and everyone who might have an interest in either the man or the system? We only have a week to get all "public comments" written and mailed in.

If you have any questions you can email me, racheledd@gmail.com.
Either way, thank you for reading this! and I love you all.


Tay said...

Oh how wonderful!

The Farrers said...

He would be absolutely incredible! My prayers are with your family on this one!!