Just what I wanted to hear for the third time today

"Wow, yeh looks like yeh's about ready to pop."



Tay said...

Next time say, "YES. You have no idea." And then go on and on about how miserable you are. That'll make them think twice about ever asking again.

Tommy said...

"You better watch it or I'll pop you."
You have my permission to use this as your response. ;)

Tommy said...

P.S. This is really Amy - but I'm sure you knew that!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

ugh. Too many non-thinking people in the world. Still.

I wasn't able to make it to your baby shower and was sad to miss that. Did you get some fun stuff?!! Does it get you all excited? What do you feel like you need that you don't yet have? We're going to The Land Of Many Stores and I'd like to get you something you need. If you don't give me any ideas then I'll get you something I think you need, or at least that I like! Shopping for baby stuff if fun to do!

Jean said...

The shower was really fun! And we did get some darling things.... this kid has so many clothes I don't know if he'll get to wear all of them.
There's a few things we "need" still (really, they would just be nice to have), like a boppy pillow and baby thermometer, possibly a monitor or baby bathtub. There are probably other things that I'm just not thinking about, but that doesn't help, does it? Ü

Shaun at Oak Den said...

That helps! Thankee!