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Perfect College Job: BYU Student Employment

Located in the Wilk right across from the Information Desk. So not only do you become the Information Desk when the Informers are gone, but for years afterward when meeting new people you will hear "You look really familiar."
('Course, I could just have one of those faces.)

Details: I lucked out.
Sometime in late July 2005, I pulled into the driveway and my mom came out to meet me. She was crying. "If you go to work, they want you to start August 1st. That's so soon."
My sister had been working in the office for a while and demonstrated such fabulous work skills that they had to be hereditary.... yeah, she pretty much got me the job. I made a trip down to Provo to interview in person, then started work the next week. It was surreal. My friends were still partying it up in Roosevelt before separating for college/missions; I packed the Explorer with my clothes and a few pieces of furniture, and moved into Angie's house in Provo.

The job was good - and it got better as time went on. I learned quickly, my coworkers were wonderful, and we ate better than I have before or since. (Bookstore fudge, potluck lunches, Taco Bell crunch wraps, Sugar N Spice ice cream sandwiches ..... there are definite advantages to working near the WSC food court.) We posted open jobs, laughing at ones like "Cake Donut Froster" (3-7 am??) and "Model" (for art classes, bikini/speedo required). I conducted I-9 audits and kept everyone up-to-date on my family news. When I went on a $5/week grocery budget, Kathleen brought me fresh fruits and veggies from her garden. I talked about Europe and boys and classes and, eventually, my wedding plans.

We had access to all BYU Students' personal information: age & birthday, address & phone number, marital status, class schedule, wages ... ultimate stalking capabilities. Used for work purposes only, of course.

I worked with all kinds of people. Every new student employee at BYU had to come in and fill out paperwork, which is why my face became familiar ... I think. International students were almost always hard to understand, Dress Code violators were sent back to Nancy's office, and one time a lady yelled at me for detaching her Social Security card. Then she came back and yelled at me AGAIN. That lady was crazy.

I got good at: eating, ePAFs, I-9s, working under pressure, OSTs, eating, remembering names, eating.

Other awesomeness: I learned how to make balloon animals. A semi-pro balloon artist came to teach me how to do it, and I ran a booth at Senior Night for two consecutive years. I "practiced" in the office for days beforehand, demonstrated for everyone for weeks after.
Would you like me to make you a monkey?


Tay said...

I still only know how to make monkeys. :)


And the free fudge and Kathleen's tomatoes. Oh my.

Jean said...

I miss it too Tay, can you tell?