Nesting 2.0

It's official folks, I am in full-on nesting mode.

Last weekend I drew sketches of each room in my house complete with colors, furniture, wall decor, and a very comprehensive to-do list.  I've scoured the internet far and wide, visited almost every store in town, and joined Pinterest so that I can keep my links all together.
I've also begun a love affair with spray paint.

Tuesday I spray-painted my "espresso" colored glider chair white, to begin the nursery makeover.  Wednesday I turned my cedar chest (high school graduation gift from my parents!) from this:

into this:
on my very own front porch.  Sorry, terrible pictures.  I'm not going to fix them either.

I have many more projects in the works.
But, as you know, I am full of self-doubt when it comes to these things.  Will my colors/fabrics/pictures work together?  Do I like that upholstery fabric next to those curtains?  Should I use a stripe on the chair or the chest, or both?  Do I leave the dresser in the room or switch it for something else?  Does it all make me happy and say what I want it to say?  Most of all (at this point): WILL IT ALL FIT IN THE ROOMS?

Because the delightful thing about living in a 70-year-old house is that you can barely fit a queen-size mattress into a bedroom.  Forget about a bed with headboard/footrails and dressers and nightstands and laundry hampers and extra chairs and oh, a crib for the new baby too.  Won't fit.
(Slice just said, "You're posting a picture of our bed right now??")

I've got 3+ months to go and my work cut out for me.
I've also, fortunately, got a husband who is patient and helpful, who offers opinions and only occasionally mocks me when I start talking about this stuff.
(And by "occasionally" I mean "almost every time I bring it up.")

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Syd said...

Let me know if you need help! I have any day after 3:30 now and every Saturday!