To sleep. Perchance.

Sometime around six weeks ago I was asking my mother how to teach Liam to fall asleep on his own.

Folks, when it comes to pregnancy, labor, baby and child-related subjects - oh, right, that's Motherhood - I consider my mother to be the Premiere Expert.  I don't read books or online forums or ask the Internets for advice, because, how many of those people have birthed ten children and raised twelve?
That's what I thought.
And when it comes to family, I value firsthand experience much more than book knowledge. So when I have a question, I ask my mom.  And then I do what she says.

All of that to say, this is what we've been doing:

We give Liam a bath every night around 9:00.  Slice does the bath, we lotion him up and dress him and wrap him in the Swaddle Me thing so he can't get his arms out and wake himself up.  (Thanks Miriam!)  I feed him and rock him, sing and read scriptures.  Then - I used to rock/walk/bounce him until he fell asleep, and lay him down gently HOPING that he wouldn't wake up.  Sometimes this took an hour by itself.   Five hours later, I'd have to do it again.

Finally a week ago, I had had enough.  I knew he was exhausted because he'd fallen asleep four times and woken up the second I put him down.
So we moved his bed into the storeroom ('tis a Spartan existence we lead!) and laid him in the cradle, and .... left him there.  He cried for probably half an hour before he fell asleep.

That was it!

Now I feed him, rock him, and put him down for naps as well as bedtime.  He cries sometimes, but seriously, never more than five minutes before he falls asleep.  He has also been sleeping longer each night, almost without exception.  He is even happier during his waking hours.

And I have a life again!

This sleeping baby thing is so great.
My mom was right.  (Of course.)


Cade and Kelsie said...

We are planning to try this once Tacen is 3 months! Glad it worked so nicely for you!

Fig said...

I was thinking of attempting some sort of sleep training - probably not CIO because I don't think I can handle that yet - and then Viv started teeth. All former ideas about sleep are out the window.

I'm happy for your success, and I hope it continues to work when YOU guys start teeth.

Mamas know a lot of stuff.

Chelsee said...

Weird thing how when they are in their own bedroom they do that. Ever since we got to our new place, I would sing to Josh, say prayers at night, rock him for a couple of minutes then put him in his bed and does pretty much the same thing. Hardly any crying and lots of sleep. Since being here he'll sleep around 10-11 hours through the night. I forgot how great that was!!!

The Farrers said...

I have a few friends that don't believe in the cry-it-out method, and I just feel so bad for them. One has a 2 year old, and another has a 4 year old that still don't sleep through the night. It really is the best way, and TOTALLY worth it. Just wait until that little baby is 1 and 2 and puts him/herself to bed!! You'll be kissing your mother's feet.

Jean said...

Yes Laurel, yes.

And Fig, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. (Otherwise, I couldn't have done it.)
I hear horror stories of babies crying for hours, days....either Liam figured it out quickly or those parents are doing something different. Because after that first 30-minute cry, he's never done it again. Usually doesn't cry at all.
Anyway, maybe we're just lucky again. And I DO hope that luck continues through the teething phase!

Tauni said...

I always go to my mom too!

I also have to say how much I enjoy your blog! You have an amazing way with words and writing the truth of motherhood and its ups, downs, concerns, etc. Thanks for sharing :)