For the Money $$$$$

More college jobs: Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

Details:  I got paid to read.
I did research for my favorite favorite history professor, who was looking at Old English Poor Laws.  I didn't do much research on the actual topic but more on historiography of the topic.  (In layman's terms: the history of what historians have said about history.)  I searched the HBLL's shelves and J-Stor, read and compiled a report.  It took months and I'm still not even close to being an expert on the topic.  Yay for history.

I also applied to be an assistant for World Civilizations, 1500-present.  I hadn't taken the class from that professor (thank heavens!), but after getting a positive recommendation I was accepted.  So I held office hours and review sessions, graded quizzes and assignments.  It was tough.

On the very first day the professor said, "You can fill out teacher evaluations at the end of the semester, but I don't really care what you say.  I have tenure so it won't affect me at all."

I got good at: SKIMMING.  Oh heavens.  I skimmed thousands of pages, online and otherwise, for both jobs.  And I STILL have issues with this.  I can hardly sit down to read a book without jumping forward on the page, no matter how hard I try not to.  I ruin all sorts of surprises for myself.  (And miss things, besides.)

Other awesomeness:  I got paid to do what I love best.  You just can't beat that.

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