Some Cuteness - old and new

the swing

discovering his hands
(they are pretty cool)

loving on a bear

playing with dad

we're still working on capturing his REAL giggle ... no small task!


amy morgan said...

THAT...ALMOST made me baby hungry ;) DARLING.
And I SO remember Dorian's "talking to a baby" voice!! HEE HEE!
(of course, my most vivid memories of that voice are from when it was a couple octaves higher and he was using it to talk to Tommy!!) Good times!

Bree said...

i love "playing with daddy" he has such a cute giggle :) :) :)

Nate and Rio said...

Oh man...it's a good thing I'm having another baby in 5 weeks cuz watching those cute videos made me SO baby hungry!! What a little handsome man you two have!