What I thought

Siegfried's never disappoints.  Last week I got the Wienerschnitzel, Lu got the Goulash and Spätzle, and we shared.  You should really go sometime, if you haven't.  Best German food around.

Vienna Bistro, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment.  Maybe just because I was SO EXCITED to go, or because I forgot that I don't really like SemmelKnödel (my fault), or maybe because Liam woke up right when we got there and I had to hold him through the entire meal and he also grabbed a fork that splashed gravy all over me.
Who knows?
The Sacher Torte was really good though.

OK, not really new, because the restaurants around here usually just change ownership.  But anyway, it used to be a Mexican place and now it's Italian, and not bad Italian at that.  Slice and I went Friday night and tried 3 of the dishes -- we'll go back.

Date Night, old news.  We just watched it for the first time.  There were some funny parts, but don't watch the unrated version unless you're a porn and/or profanity kind of person.
(I'm not.)

And... Mockingjay.  Totally not what I was expecting.  That was fine, I still liked it and I certainly never thought it was boring (like some people), but it was my least favorite of the three.  Pretty heavy for school-age readers, too.


Miriam said...

there's a new restaurant? Where? And Mocking Jay....sitting on my end table waiting for me to read it, I'm trying to finish my current book (and at 1 1/2 pages a night - it's taking a while...keep falling asleep :/ )

Jean said...

Yes Miriam! It's in the former-"Taste of Mexico" place just past the former-Best Western hotel. We went again last night, tried more dishes and talked to the owner. I REALLY hope they do well enough to stay.

(So far my favorite is the Fettucini Alfredo.)