...and I'm thinking Jordan is just bad luck.

Alternate titles for this post:
  • How the Lord warns prepares me for trials (and also moves in Mysterious Ways)
  • Left-handed is the new Black
  • the swelling, it was awesome
Have I got a story for you folks!

One day almost two years ago, my brother Matt broke his leg badly enough that it had to be operated on.  My other brother Jordan, a med student, was just pulling into town from St. Louis and was allowed to watch the doctors cut open his little brother.
Matt had to delay his mission 6 weeks, which caused all sorts of havoc, but it worked out all right in the end.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.

Jordan is in town again, this time for a month-long radiology rotation.  Shortly after he arrived in Roosevelt we got word from missionary Matt that he needed emergency surgery and would be coming home for a few weeks.  Once again Jordan scrubbed in, and not only watched but participated in the surgery.  (Matt will be heading back to Paraguay on the 27th, by which time he should be fairly well-recovered.)

Today I stepped out my front door and carefully made my way down the icy concrete steps.  See, I don't know about where you live, but here in Roosevelt we've had more rain than snow this month.  And just this morning the rain turned to sheets of ice, the likes of which many of us have never seen.
You see where I'm going with this.

My feet disappeared and I landed, mostly on my right wrist, which has given me trouble periodically since high school.  Slice came outside to make sure I made it to the car and found me hollering, swinging my arm, hopping up and down, and blabbering on about how we have no handrail (which we've never even talked about) so there was nothing I could do to prevent such a fall.  His confusion was quite understandable.
(Me? I was just in pain.)

A couple hours and six X-rays later, I am the unfortunate bearer of a fractured wrist.  Oh yes.
Meaning: I won't make it to his Holiday Open House, but I'll be seeing the orthopedic surgeon next Monday morning for a cast.  My 6-month old now thinks his mother is neglecting him.  I can't take a real shower for  ____ # of weeks.

Did I mention that my mother had shoulder surgery about a month ago, and my dad had a little surgery the same day as Matt?  And that my sister is expecting a baby in April?

Right now I'm counting my blessings: we re-instated our health insurance coverage this month; Slice is currently unemployed.  I have a dishwasher.  I scrubbed my bathroom first thing this morning.  Fig and Truffs brought me Christmas treats.

This post has taken me two hours to write.  The left one just doesn't work well alone.


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wow busy busy month!! What sister is pregnant?

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Angie is, with her 4th!