Project #1

 The Grand Bookshelf.
Formerly of a nondescript glazed beige ....

 NOW of a beautiful Colonial blue.
Still, not to be holding all of my books because it is too narrow.  Ah, well.  You cannot win them all.

(Sorry for the terrible pics.  Apparently the color changes throughout the day.  Don't click to make them bigger!!)


amy morgan said...

OH, RACHEL!! You've made my day ;) I'm so happy to see that "MORGAN" sign! I wasn't sure if it would suit your taste, or if you'd want it to have a place anywhere! I'm THRILLED that it gets to be in your new house :) (even if you just put it there to make me smile, and you throw it out later - you've still made my day!!)

amy morgan said...

OH, NO! Now I sound like one of THOSE PEOPLE - - you know. . . the one who's offended if you don't display the tinsel cat they made you at Relief Society Craft Night. Shoot.
I promise it's not like that! I was just excited to see that I wasn't way off when I made it ;)
And, I'll stop now so as not to make myself appear to be an even bigger @**!!

amy morgan said...

I did it again.


Heather said...

It looks great Rach! I love the new color. How exciting to be able to do fun things in your new house. Love you!

Jean said...

Amy, you crack me up! I would never put something up just to take a picture to post on the blog.
At least I don't think I would....hmm.
Glad to make your day! :)

key-a-nae said...

Ah!!!! I love it Jean!!! I can't wait to come see all the work :)