For his half-birthday the little munchkin got to meet his Uncle Matt!  Unexpected (until two days ago, that is), but really quite fun.  We sang some favorite Christmas carols, passed around the One-Tooth-Wonder, ate pistachio pudding and ice cream, and chuckled at the resident Paraguayan, who kept poking his head inside various appliances and repeating their names aloud, as if in wonder.

"Wow, Microwave Oven..."

Also he spouted off phrases in Spanish.

A happy day, all around.

(Isn't that tooth the darndest thing you ever saw??  So glad this kid made me a mother.)


amy morgan said...

Man, he's cute :)

Fig said...

Whaa? Matt's home?

Also, I loved the month of our lives when people asked how old Viv was and I could say "She's a half."

Jean said...

yes Fig, until he recovers. hoping it's not more than 2 weeks...