Room #1 - comprising Projects 0, 1-4, 6, 8-11, etc. etc. etc....

One of the things we loved about this house when we first walked through was that it was pretty much move-in ready.  No major projects needing to be done before it was livable.

Cue: ominous music

When the previous owners moved out and we came to (surprise!) deep clean, Slice and his father checked the ceiling in the living room.  It was sparkly asbestos -commonly referred to as "popcorn ceiling" and/or "linked to cancer" - applied to plaster, and we thought it would be easier to take care of without any of our stuff in it.  So while I finished up packing for the move, the men scraped and wiped the ceiling, then cleaned up and vacuumed/cleaned carpets before moving the furniture in.

Then we waited a month.

Slice primed the accent wall and formerly dark green hall.  Then as soon as the texture gun was available, we covered all the furniture and widened the cracks in the old ceiling.  Once again Slice and his dad worked to patch, sand, patch, sand, texture, scrape, prime, and paint. 
(Okay, I did a little of the sanding, priming and painting too.)
They did a fabulous job.  

Liam watched with great interest, and more than a little concern that his newly-found home was changing once again.
We decided on white walls ... for now.  We also replaced the original flowery sconces with new brass ones, but have not yet installed the main light fixture, because that will require some preliminary electrical work.  In the attic.

Last week, Slice and several of my brothers/in-laws moved our piano to the house.  My brother Jordan even tuned it for me!  I was so happy to have a piano in my house again, I broke my wrist to celebrate.

Now all we need is a light fixture, some "window treatments"* (I hate that phrase), a new piano mirror & bench, new coverings on my chair/cedar chest/couch, pictures on my walls, and the room will be DONE!
Good thing I have all this extra time and money on my hands; Liam and I can knock it out in no time.

Yes, that was sarcastic.

*more thermal ones, of course, because those windows are huge and we just got our first heating bill and YOWZERS!


amy morgan said...

Fun, fun, fun! AND - it NEVER ends :) One project begets another begets another . . .
Looks good!!

Heather said...

Happy to see the piano again! It will look great in your new room. I cannot wait to see the "after" pictures. :) Love you!