Adventures in Left-handedness

Hey guys ... breaking a limb as important as a wrist is going to have life-changing consequences.  Some of them I predicted; more have surfaced along the way.  But I can never feel too sorry for myself because, as I recall, many pioneers (and other people!) have raised families/lived their lives without the limbs that I still have use of.  Also, a sister in my ward had a cast up to her shoulder when she had a two-month old to take care of.  Oy.
Anyway, here is a little list of things that have happened, predicted or not.

Foreseen: eating simpler meals to save time and cleanup
Unforeseen: the great hospitality of people I barely know, bringing wonderful meals in when we had little time to fix it for ourselves

Foreseen: holding my baby only to feed him ... even that can be painful
Unforeseen: taking him from Slice in church, only to have him immediately start rooting around and shrieking like he just realized he is STARVING TO DEATH, just because Mom is now holding him (insert: quick exit from Sunday School)

Foreseen: Slice getting up at night to get Liam, change his diaper, rock him to sleep, etc.
Unforeseen: me getting so used to it that I don't even wake up when he cries anymore

Foreseen: not being able to fix my own hair
Unforeseen: not even being able to convince Slice to try to fix it.  I thought I could get him to practice braiding or something; I was wrong.  He flat-out refuses.

Foreseen: taking longer to do just about everything
Unforeseen: a new bout of clumsiness wherein I drop everything, bump into things, and lose balance on a regular basis

Foreseen: a messier house than I would like
Unforeseen: going without staples like milk, eggs and bread for days on end because I'm too lazy (and it's too much of a pain, too many other things to do, or whatever other excuses I pull out) to go to the grocery store

Foreseen: being unable to put Liam in his carseat or get him out
Unforeseen: being unable to go anywhere without Slice, because I can't get Liam in or out of the car, period.

Foreseen: having a hard time keeping any secrets from Slice while I am so dependent on him
Unforeseen: having NOTHING for him on Christmas morning (besides the pistachios and toothbrush in his stocking) because all my other Christmas present plans, some of which involved sewing, fell through

I believe in Equal Opportunity Parenting, and Slice is doing a great job. He never complains but is always asking what else he can do for me.  And while I miss being the primary soother, etc., I have also really enjoyed watching Slice build his relationship with Liam.  That kid loves his dad more than anything.
(And vice versa.)
We're in good hands.

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