You've all heard about the Provo Tabernacle by now, right?  Slice notified me first thing (like, 7:00) this morning.  And my friend Linnea got some incredible photographs of the incident.

The whole thing is so sad.  I loved that building.  It's strange, too, because just this week I found videos of one of my Spring University Chorale concerts (that we performed in the Tabernacle) on Youtube, pretty randomly - and Slice and I have been watching/talking about them for a week now.

The acoustics in that hall were amazing; I'll never forget what an awesome experience it was to sing in there.


Linnea said...

Thanks for the shout out, Rach. :-) I just keep thinking about how tragic it is to lose that gorgeous organ. And wondering about the Minerva Teichert painting that hung in there - The First Vision.
So sad. I loved that building.

Jean said...

Leia- of course! Your photographs were stunning. And yes, that organ is the great tragedy that keeps running through my mind. They truly don't make them like that anymore. :)

Eddington's said...

I know I'm a bit slow in leaving a comment, but this song that you posted was my favorite that you sang in the tabernacle. Listening to it again gave me chills just like the first time. Thanks for sharing! :)