May the calendar keep bringing...

Well! This holiday season has been more roller coaster than whirlwind - what with injuries, illness and family struggles, homeownership realities and such - but we are so very, very grateful to be where we are right now.

We have a beautiful home, good health, and a darling little boy who truly lights up our lives.  Everything he does is adorable and funny and wonderful and new. I think it's impossible to ignore the beauty and wonder of life while you watch someone discover it for the first time.

Slice and I have seen the Lord's hand in our lives, even more over the past few months than ever before.  He is truly watching over us.  I loved this post at Segullah the other day; the author summed up my feelings about this year beautifully.  2010 brought a lot of new experiences: late pregnancy woes, childbirth, parenthood, and buying a home, among other (lesser) things.  For one thing, I started using a shopping cart at the grocery store.....

I know that we become more not despite, but because of our struggles and our sacrifices.  We grow by doing, not just watching.  I learned that again and again during 2010.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration.  Happy 2011!


Marie said...

I will admit: I love reading your blog! I'm glad you had a good year. That baby of yours is so cute :)

Happy 2011!

PS: Did you know Mara from Segullah lived in Vienna? They were in our ward until May last year.

Jean said...

Thank you Marie! It's good to hear from you! I didn't know that Mara was in Vienna... that is awesome. It makes sense that she was taking German classes then. :)