All-Seeing Eye

I'm starting to feel like these Overstock ads are the Eye of Sauron.

They're on practically every website I visit, they know my browsing history.  They follow me around and tempt me with warm fuzzy boots, sofa covers, thermal curtains, and more warm fuzzy boots - all on sale, of course.
(Now YOU know my browsing history!)

But no.  I will remain strong.  I will make it to my destination and DROP THE RING IN THE VOLCANO, Sauron.

And by that I mean, I will not be buying anything from Overstock.com anytime soon.


Syd said...

Its too bad. We've bought quite a few thing from Overstock (even furniture) and its pretty great stuff. Especially the $2.95 shipping. Can't beat that!

Michemily said...

Hmmm, I look at a lot sites and I haven't noticed that at all. But now I probably will.