Sometimes life doesn't go the way you plan/hope/expect it to go.  In fact, I'd say it rarely does.*

Especially if your name is Matthew Eddington.

Because if your name is Matthew Eddington and your mission is delayed six weeks by a badly broken leg, and then you're shipped home just three(ish) months before you were planning to come home for an emergency surgery with the understanding -promise- that you'll be back out in the same mission field as soon as physically possible, and if you then receive word that the promise you were given was given without proper authority and you might not be going back after all,
well then,
you just might be left in limbo for a few weeks until the Authority tells you to decide what the Lord really wants for you.

But you've been a missionary at home for more than three weeks (during Christmas break!) and you decide to be done and move on.

And if your name is Matthew Eddington, you have no idea how awesome your family thinks you are for accepting that with such stoicism and grace
--pretty sure I would be bitter about it, unfinished business and all--
which further proves what an amazing missionary you were.

The Paraguayans were lucky to have you for eighteen months ...
I, for one, am glad to have you home for good.

*I swear I'm not plagiarizing but the Segullah bloggers are totally on my brainwave lately.


Matthew said...

Love you, Rachel. I think you're too nice sometimes. You understand better than most how that was for me.
I'm glad to be home.

Michemily said...

Yay, thanks!

Heather said...