Emergency Bath Remodel

Our downstairs bathroom used to look like this:

Four feet by five feet; a toilet, a showerhead and a drain.  
(The sink is in the downstairs bedroom.)

What luxury!  You say.  You wish you had a bathroom like this, I know.


Since Alex moved in and started using it, there was a leak or two, some small fixings that didn't work, and
 then the bathroom looked like this:

 We ripped up the floor, took out the toilet and the drain.
And Slice tore down two of the walls.

And now, dear readers, the bathroom looks like this:

What to do, what to do?? 
I totally love glass tile and would love to tile all 20 square feet of it (all the way up the walls!).  But since bath remodel wasn't really in the budget in the first place, that may not be an option.  The cheapest fix may be the best right now.

In any case, my last fortune cookie from China Star reads
 "You shouldn't overspend at the moment.  Frugality is important."

which is obviously prophetic.  Right?

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amy morgan said...

We have some leftover tile that would at least take care of the "shower" floor - - you're welcome to them! Good luck. Isn't it crazy how one seemingly small "fix" turns into a HUGE PROJECT?!