It seems that Liam has inherited a tendency to obsess over certain things - surely from his father.

Long before Liam saw the movie Cars he knew the names of most the characters and pointed them out at any opportunity.  We got him a little Tow Mater to play with several months ago, and he has played with that thing until it's hardly recognizable.  Then Slice came home with a Lightning McQueen for him.
That was the end of it.

He is COMPLETELY obsessed.  He totes them both around everywhere, including the table.  He insists on sleeping with Lightning at night, and wakes up in the wee hours screaming because he can't find him.  He goes for them first thing in the morning.  It's becoming a nighttime problem.

This happened once before, with tractors he got for his second birthday.  There are FOUR of them so there was no way he could sleep with them all.  Slice made a "tractor garage" out of a shoebox that they could sleep in, and that worked out perfectly.  Now if we can convince him to let Lightning and Mater sleep in there too....


Cade and Kelsie said...

Tace used to do that with his Finn Mcmissile! He had to take it everywhere and sleep with it as well! Too cute!

The Farrers said...

Idea! Get a cheap mini traffic cone for Lighting to sleep in at night since he sleeps at the "Cozy Cone" in the movie!

Kylie said...

I feel like he had that Mater truck even when I was living with you. I love it!! Rach your kids are SO darn adorable I can hardly stand it. One of these days i'm gonna come back and visit y'all... I'm sure I won't even recognize Emma, the little girl i used to take naps with! haha
I love reading your blog, so maybe i should actually comment once in a while right? :) Just wanted to drop in and say hi. and let you know that I miss y'all <3

Eddington's said...

Rachel, I'm sure you are well aware that we too have a cars hoarder...Ben has always had to sleep with them. We had the same problem of him waking up looking for them. Our solution was their "garage" being under the pillow. That way he would know where they were at all times. HOWEVER, now Ben's "garage" is a storage for any toy or socks or books or whatever he can fit under there. We always find random things under his pillow, so it may or may not work for Will! Good Luck and if you get any more useful tips maybe you should let me know too! :)