... and then he came home with a gun.

Yesterday we canned applesauce.  Sort of on a whim, but sort of not, seeing as I've had a box of apples sitting on my counter for a month.  (Not Fuji apples; therefore, not the kind that Slice will eat.)

I had borrowed a strainer, jars, and steam canner from my mother ahead of time.  I even started boiling the apples.  But when we pulled out the strainer, there was a very important piece missing.
I sent Slice up to my parents' empty house to search through the storeroom for the missing part.  Or the other strainer that my mom has.  He found neither.
I called my sister, my aunt, my neighbor - nobody had a strainer.  By then I'd been chopping and boiling apples for almost three hours.  Slice left again, this time to the store to buy one.

An hour later I called him, wondering where he was.
(But not really wondering because 1 - he had just gotten a fat paycheck and 2 - every time he goes to the store he spends time at the gun counter.)
Which brings me to the real point of this post.  A question, really.

Do any of you live with a person who gets fixated on certain things?  And if so, how do you deal with it?
I like to think of them as phases: the remote-control airplane phase, the iPod touch phase, the dog phase, the new phone phase, the Modern Warfare 3 phase (AHEM).  But this gun one has lasted so long that I'm afraid it isn't just a phase.

I finally got so sick of hearing Slice talk about this gun or that one, watching (and making me watch) YouTube videos of shooting ranges and explosives, checking Basin Sports/Stewart's every time we were in the vicinity - that I told him he BETTER buy a gun after this paycheck OR ELSE.
Right or wrong, that's what I said, and that's what he did.
And then we made applesauce.


Richard and Louise said...

Yes, I live with a person that gets fixed on things and I'm also trying to figure out how to deal with it. While we were engaged he wanted a PS3 - I said: What ever you bring into the marriage is your decision, but after I have some say in what we buy. Well, he took the money his mother gave him to buy our rings and bought it. He also bought the rings, but with "his" money, so technically the PS3 was a wedding present from his mother - or so he says...
Next he wanted a e-reader - didn't stop until I got him a kindle for our first anniversary.
I don't know - once they become obsessed with something they really know how to get to you (aka annoy you) but they work hard and they deserve it after all...

Jean said...

I get more mileage out of Slice's toys than I should. He'll do anything I ask before sitting down for Modern Warfare 3. :)
So, all in all, I can't be too fussy about it. I guess.