Realistically Speaking

Since joining the wonderful world of Pinterest, I have been pondering on some vital life questions.
Like How can I possibly live in a house that has so many, non-coordinating colors??
Does anyone actually spend that much time & energy wrapping a present?  
What is the deal with all the labels/hot chocolate mix-ins/decorative pillows/maps/wreaths/monograms?
and, incidentally,
Are people really gullible, or are they just lazy?
(I've checked out several pins before pinning them to find that they are nonexistent.  No longer manufactured, never actually been built (i.e. underwater hotel in Dubai - you CANNOT 'go there someday' unless someone builds it first), not a DIY tutorial but a link to a retail site.)

But you know me - practical to a fault.  Which is why I'm having such a hard time deciding on a crib for this baby to sleep in.
(Ha! Of course this post is about nesting!)

We have a crib that was given to us, and it works, but it IS quite rickety and has drop-sides, and I would really rather not use it anymore.
I've basically decided on a mini-crib, for a variety of reasons.  It's the only thing that will fit in our bedroom for the first weeks/months, I've read a million reviews and MOST say their child slept in it fine for eighteen months to two years, they are less expensive than full-size cribs, the "nursery" is already cramped, I like the idea of a snug sleeping space for my baby ....

But what COLOR?!

Is it worth spending an extra $40 to buy a particular color of the exact same crib?  When I don't have a definite color scheme anyway?  I'd love it if all the furniture in the room was white, and I was planning to make it that way (hence the white spray-painting of the glider), but now with the toddler bed and dark dresser it would take a lot of work to get there.
Also, I am running out of nesting steam.
Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?

In other "realistically speaking" news, I am not spending the 1-2 hours a day on Hypnobabies that I should be.  I should be doing more exercises and visualizing and affirming and directing anesthesia than I am.  I'm doing almost as much as I can, though, and am still optimistic about it.  So, yeah.


Fig said...

I saw a clear toaster on Pinterest once (so you can see when the toast is done!!), and even though I knew it could not possibly be real, I repinned it anyway for its awesomeness just as a concept.

What was the question?

Oh, the crib. My only advice is do not go, "Oh I can just paint it." NO. If that's what you're thinking, just spend the forty bucks and get a color.

Jean said...

True, some photos/pins are concepts, which is totally fine. It's the "I'm going there someday" one that really bothered me, I guess because the (multiple) pinners obviously didn't even check it out.

And yes, a crib would be the worst thing in the world to paint or spray. I wish it weren't so.

Fig said...

No, I totally know what you mean. It just reminded me of that awesome toaster idea. (Look, here it is!)

Cade and Kelsie said...

I can honestly say I usually like to investigate what I am pinning, but occasionally I get lazy and just pin away!
Have you thought of using a bassinet or portacrib in your room and then having a bigger crib and more time to decide?

Jean said...

We have thought about that - portable cribs are actually the size of a mini crib. And, my mom has a cradle that Will slept in for almost 6 months. I guess it comes down to the amount of space in the other room. Slice thinks it's fine, but I feel a little claustrophobic.

Anonymous said...

One More Gadget rules.