OK, I'm not really back yet - too much going on right now.  I'll give you a little taste of things to come though
(when I get around to blogging about it):

newly textured & painted bedrooms
more crocheting stuff
Holly Fair
TODDLER BED that my baby has been sleeping in for almost a week
family pictures/dance fundraiser
five weeks (ish) to go until we have a new family member

and, in the meantime, let's talk about my appointment yesterday.

I hauled my 17-month-old to the appointment with me.  (First time I've had to do that without Slice.)

He wanted to play in the toilet.  He freaked out when I layed down on the table so the Dr could find a heartbeat. He wandered around through halls and behind desks while I waited for an ultrasound - TV remote in hand - until I chased him down.
He cried again when the ultrasound tech started doing her stuff.
Ah, my boy.

Anyway, here's the deal:  Baby girl is small.  Much smaller than Liam was at this point.  After a thorough investigation, the tech estimated just over 5 pounds, which is quite a difference from my 8+ lb. firstborn.  But she looks completely fine.

So basically I'm feeling good (/justified) about my early decisions to 1) eat fatty food to my heart's content, and 2) to be lazy.  The only thing I've done differently this pregnancy was take thyroid medication, and if I had been exercising and eating only healthy foods, who knows what might have happened?

(Just agree with me here.)

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Lauran and Dustin said...

This makes me feel ever so much better - a nurse gave me the advice to eat what I want when I crave it - and that means Korean food, hash browns, veggie sushi, and ANYTHING I can add hot sauce to. And my baby can still turn out normal!! Thanks for giving me hope :)