Where I've been

Liam is LOVING the smartphones and eating cereal (in milk) by himself!
In other news, he knows his body parts, some shapes, and several songs.  Smart little bugger.
He talks a lot and wants to draw all day long.  Which means I have to watch him all day long, unless I want to paint every room in the house.

Per Angie's recommendation, I am preparing myself for childbirth via Hypnobabies.  So far so good.
It still reminds me (eerily) of Inception every time though.


Center Stage, here we come!

Of course, here:

and here:

But MOST OF ALL, here:

Ten days ago I scored a few GARBAGE BAGS FULL of skeins of yarn.  All kinds!
 A lady was giving them away at a yard sale, and I happened to stop by .....
and now I am eating, sleeping, and drinking the crochet.  

This is why I don't crochet.
(I can't stop.)


Kendra said...

I can't crochet but I am have started knitting and I LOVE it. I find it terribly relaxing. Are you on ravelry.com? I think you'd like it:)

key-a-nae said...

Thank you Rachel!!!!! This looks like a party!! Oh man, that center stage almost made me cry. They sound fantastic!!! I miss you tons!

Lauran and Dustin said...

Did you seriously make those? You have to teach me how to crochet!!!!!