Guest guess

I am needing your advice.

Since my brother moved out of our basement a week ago (YAY!), we now have an empty bedroom.  Slice thinks we should put Liam down there when the baby comes but there is NO WAY I am doing that, so ....  guest bedroom it is.

Major problem: we cannot fit a queen-size box spring down the staircase.  (Old house, remember.)

SO.  If you are going to stay at someone's house, which of the following would you prefer?
A) a full-size mattress with a good box spring
B) a hide-a-bed mattress (technically "queen" size but we all know it's smaller)
C) a double chamber queen-size air mattress on the floor
D) something else that I will tell you in the comments

I would love to put a futon or frame like this down there eventually, but it's not at the top of the list, seeing as we still need to buy a crib for our unborn child.  Among other things.



The Farrers said...

I vote for the air mattress so that the room can still be functional for your family (playroom?) when guests aren't visiting. Plus, they're much more comfortable than a full-size mattress.

SAM and RACHEL said...

Is the floor space big enough to fit a king? you can get a twin bed with a trundle bed underneath. Takes up the size of a twin but guests can pull out the extra trundle bed and many of them pop up to the same height as the main part.

google trundle bed images if you dont know what i'm talking about.

how's the craigslist out in roosevelt? does anyone use it out there? that's how i can afford anything (EVERYTHING) we own.

Jean said...

Rachel - I hadn't even thought of a trundle! The room is big enough for a king, so that might be the perfect solution.
I don't check Craigslist very often but we do use KSL, I think more people around here use that. Good thinking....

Danielle said...

I'm a futon lover =0) There are some surprisingly comfortable futons out there. Remember when we talked about the "utility" attitude? Futon fits in that category for me. For extra comfort you could keep a cozy mattress pad rolled up and tucked away in the closet to lay on top too. That's what I would do. But that's just me =0)

Tauni said...

I think the trundle idea is a great one - especially since you can use it in the future with children for furniture. That gets my vote! Futons are great and all but from my experience with them they don't work well if they are going to be getting constant use unless you go with really expensive ones!