Reaching New Heights

in Technology:
pics coming to you from this phone
For the first time ever, Slice bought himself a cell phone.  He has previously used only hand-me-down phones; I have used only the free-after-rebate kind.  (He picked the Google phone for me and I.LOVE.IT.)
Phones with picture messaging and Facebook?
We are moving up in the world.

in Domesticity:
fantastic cantaloupe bread/muffins I made for Slice to take to work
sewing machine I bought after using my mom's for 20 (or so) years
See also: previous post.

and in Disgruntledness: 
You can't really see the tractor parked back there in this picture.
Um, who told these people they could park their construction equipment ON OUR BACK LOT??  Because we sure didn't.
And they are leaking some kind of fluid.....
as if the noise and inconvenience weren't enough.


The Farrers said...

Looks like it's time to extend the back fence! Ah yes, the wheels are turning now...plant the grass seed now and next spring you'll have a huge, lush lawn waiting to be explored and enjoyed by a new baby and an almost 2 year old!

Tay said...

Get 'em towed. hahaha...

I myself am loving my new phone. A little too much, maybe. But man the convenience of a droid is overwhelming.

amy morgan said...

Cantaloupe Muffins?!
Do tell....

key-a-nae said...

Dear Rachel. I feel like this is ancient history by now... I check your blog as much as facebook woman :)It is my lifeline! You should probably update it :) if of course you can...

Much Love!