Holly Fair FAIL

As you know, I spent the last three weeks or so crocheting with the free yarn I'm now storing in my guest room.

I planned to put all my finished projects in a booth (or two) at the Holly Fair, a local annual tradition that - until this year - I had never even witnessed.  I had no idea what to expect or what kinds of things would sell.  Naturally, this made it hard to decide what to make.

I did decide, however, that in addition to my crocheted hats & headbands I would attempt these balls:

because I've been wanting to make them anyway, for my own decorating purposes.  (Again, thanks Pinterest!) Surely someone else would like them too.

Only, this is what happened:
(see: my kitchen table for two weeks)

the balloons shriveled up before the glue dried.  Fail #1.

I also attempted some monster hats like this one.  I don't generally follow crochet patterns because they never work out for me.  This one was no exception.  The first time I tried (and every time thereafter until I figured out just how to modify it), it turned into an adult-size hat.  Fail #2.

(Unless you know an adult who wants a royal blue beanie?)

Finally made a SMALL one with two eyes and put it on my kid, and behold, it was darling.  So I made a couple more and this one is now my favorite:

Cute little alien.

ANYWAY, I had made tentative arrangements with some people who actually planned ahead for their Holly Fair booths.  But plans changed, I didn't have stuff ready until the second day of the fair.  And this was my big mistake - by the time I was ready to sell it, most of the buying was over.
Not a single thing sold.

Major fail: #3.

I guess I had something to keep me busy for three weeks?


Danielle said...

But guess what! I'm doing another fair in Vernal the day after Thanksgiving! I'd love to help you out then if I can! Let me know =0)

Jean said...

Oh no, don't tell me that.

Dann Battistone said...

I'll buy some hats for my girls....they would love them! What were you asking?

Jean said...

Dann - I would love to give you the hats free of charge. Even better, I'll let your girls come pick the colors they want and I'll custom-make them! :)

Richard and Louise said...

I will now admit, that my husband crochets... he had his fail #1 when he made a cupcake hat (that according to the youtube tutorial was adult size) and it doesn't even fit our one and a half year old niece... Now he's looking for a new project. Maybe I'll show him the monster hats, they are very cute!