"Your blog's been pretty boring lately," my sister Emily told me.
("Because no one comments anymore, MISSY," I told her, "and that's your fault as much as anyone else's.")

But then I got thinking about it, and well, my life is just pretty boring lately.  The things I'm most excited about are the Roosevelt Wellness Center Project (which is just getting off the ground), the roman shades I hung up in my bedroom this week (which I now need to redecorate but HOW?), and getting my house in order via my extensive list of New Year's Resolutions (which I am trying my best to keep).

A small sampling of my extensive list
I checked last year's resolutions and surprisingly completed all of them but two, namely, the last two.  Sometime during the year we decided that we don't really need a bigger car until we have another baby, and since that also didn't happen during the year, the car was put on hold.  As for exercising, well, I ran that 5k and never went running again.  Have I told you that I am lazy?

This year I'm motivated though, without excuses like a newborn/6 month old+broken wrist/pregnancy/job (years past, you like how I did that?) - I'm embracing my inner Type 2 and making plans that I can actually follow.  It's made me happier already.

And if that makes me boring, well, so be it.


Danielle said...

You're not boring. As long as there are words to be read on your blog I am lovin' it!

Linnea said...

Home decorating is always interesting. Blog about your curtains. I will comment on that.