Three years ago I wrote a lovely review of the previous year's events.  I'm glad I did, because 2008 was life-changing for Slice and me, and it's fun to look back on that year and what we've done since then.  If I did a quick recap for 2011 it would look something like this:

  • Alex moves in downstairs, we remodel the bathroom out of necessity
  • Slice gets fired at the worst possible time
  • I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  • We find out I'm pregnant 
  • We spend 4 months searching for a golf job, then consider other options
  • South Carolina almost becomes our new home
  • We are blessed with work opportunities in the meantime: piano students, photo shoots, research job, pumps
  • Slice gets hired in the oilfield, we try to adjust to his new work schedule
  • A bunch of my friends get pregnant
  • I give birth

Things can only get better from here, right?

Some of my plans for 2012 are:

Donate my hair again, before postpartum fallout
Put my kids in the same bedroom
Don't have a baby (I'm liking the sound of 2014?)
Take at least one family vacation besides the annual Arizona trip
Buy a bigger car
Start exercising again

Pretty low bar right there, folks.  What about you?

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