The Two Kids

MG cries much more than Liam ever did.
Not because she's colicky, or even fussy, but because she's the second child.  There are at least five times a day when I have both babies crying and I have to decide which to fix first; these days that first is usually Liam.
(Or else I have to clean up the snot that he got everywhere, because he's been sick.)
It's tough being a younger sibling, you know?

Thank goodness for Netflix!  The great land of Netflix instant streaming which is ruled by fickle gods who KEEP TAKING WORD WORLD OFF.  Why do they do this??  It's the only show I don't feel guilty about sticking Liam in front of (actually, I kind of like it myself), and it's also the only show that I've noticed to be part of a double-disappearing act.  If you have any insights regarding, please share.

Today was my second time taking both kids to church by myself.  This is the WORST thing about Slice's work schedule - every other Sunday he's working while I am struggling through meetings.  And this year is especially hard, because we have Sacrament Meeting last.  Liam doesn't want to leave nursery, MG is tired and/or hungry, and I have 70 minutes to keep them both quiet.
Today I passed MG off to the bishop's wife and FORTUNATELY she slept through most of the meeting.  Liam kept me busy the entire time.  By the time the closing song came around, I had used up all my tricks, and I was trying to soothe MG because she had woken up.  Liam crawled under the bench and slowly made his way up to the stand.  The benediction-giver herded him up the steps, the bishop held him during the closing prayer, and afterward I dragged him out along with my bulky diaper bag and baby-in-the-carseat combo.

It's exhausting.

At least I have some treats, some inspired words, and a naptime to get me to 5:00.


Syd said...

It's so hard! I can actually tell you first hand that I know how you feel. I hope it gets better!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness Rachel, you're freaking me out! If I were you I would probably attend church with my parents just for the sake of help....there's nothing that stresses me out and makes me more frustrated than a stressful sabbath day! But on a happier more jealous note, I'm glad Will loves nursery so much he doesn't want to leave!

The Farrers said...

I love word world more than Melia - it got me through mono (before she was born). And yes, I'm equally as frustrated with the Word World/Netflix on-again, off-again relationship.