Three weeks ago my younger sister and her friend from college moved into our downstairs bedroom.  This brings the total number of siblings I have lived with post-marriage to FIVE.
We love each other a lot, eh?
Both girls are off track from BYU-Idaho, and while I think the track system is downright crazy, I also like having Kiana home every few months.  It's fun.

Monday Slice's parents started their move to Cedar City.  It will take a few weeks (possibly months) to finalize, but once they're gone, it will be the first time that Slice has lived away from his parents, if you don't count his overseas mission.  I imagine it will take some adjusting.
For one thing, Liam is going to miss having his "Papa" around.

Tomorrow my baby MG will be six weeks old.
I feel like Slice and I are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were with Liam at this point, parenting-wise, but it's still quite an adjustment from one to two.  And just when I was getting used to Slice's work schedule, my workload doubled.

Fortunately MG is awesome and sleeps as well as Liam did at night.  Even better, she goes to sleep on her own with a binkie in her mouth.  No rocking/walking/bouncing baby to sleep and putting her down as gently as possible, just hoping that she won't wake up. (Or we repeat the process - possibly multiple times.) Nope.
I nurse her, burp her and stick her in bed, and if it's dark in the room she'll eventually go to sleep.  Amazing!
(I know this means I will have to wean her off of it later.  It is totally worth the extra sleep I'm getting right now.)

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