Some Things I'm Really Excited About Right Now

  • This book.  Deseret Book sold out online so I called the store in Salt Lake and they shipped me two (one for the MIL) that were signed by the artist.  They came today and made me super happy.  It's a beautiful book.
  • Dressing Your Truth has a Pinterest page with boards for each Type! Oh dear.

  • These boots I bought for Liam for Christmas.  After scouring the internet for a week I got them on Cyber Monday for $25 and BOY HOWDY I can't wait to give them to that kid.  They look awesome.  Sheplers.com, folks.

  • Liam loves Vicks vaporub so much he puts it on himself.  Behind the couch, when I'm not looking.  I'm really super excited about it.

  • This girl's birthday is TOMORROW.  And she's learning the piano already!  My little prodigy.
  • Singing the Messiah.  It's that time again.  Which also means it is my sick time again.  I'm sick pretty much every year for the rehearsals and/or the performance, except last year when I was in the hospital recovering from childbirth ....

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