That time I turned a pair of pants into Christmas stockings

Once upon a time I had some capris that I really loved.
They were probably from Walmart and on clearance but I was a college student trying to live off $10 worth of groceries a week, so, you know.  

The capris weren't very well-made (shocker!) but they were comfy and they had some cute details.  After a couple summers of wear the linen had torn in a couple places; still I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.  Surely I could use them for a sewing project sometime!  Forget that I don't really do sewing projects and didn't even have a sewing machine for four more years....

But this year.
This year I have a sewing machine and I started thinking about making stockings.  Ours were all mis-matched, the smallest one is the size of my palm, and I think MG deserves a little better.  Plus stockings are easy to make, right?

Then what fabric to choose?  Our Christmas decor is all homespun: walnuts and pinecones for ornaments, Shar's blanket for the tree skirt (at Slice's insistence).   It has real character.

I looked at a bunch of ideas online and decided that I wanted simple, maybe burlap stockings.  Or.... linen!!
I got to work.
(If you want a great tutorial for some simple stockings that I LOVE, go here.  I didn't follow it, but that's because I already knew what I wanted.  Also because I'm stubborn.)

I cut up those capris until there was nothing recognizable left.  I made smaller ones for the kids so I could get more out of the fabric - even made an extra stocking to give myself a few more years before I have to do this again.  I used as much of the embroidery, pockets, buttons and already-finished seams as I could.  And I ended up doing some stitching by hand to get what I wanted.

I kind of love them.

Wait, something's missing here .....

Oh there it is.
This was going to be Liam's but I think I like the other one better .... save it till we need it!

Here they are, in the only place they'll fit in our house.  The entryway bookshelf.  Hanging on crochet hooks.

"Homespun" indeed.


Miriam said...

I love creativity like this....good for you!!! They look terrific :)

Chiki Dang said...

Wow! Really creativity :)