Our Christmas


Liam's current favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I couldn't pass these PJs up.  They are a hit.
MG only wanted an apple for Christmas.

My brother got Slice a knife and made a paracord handle for it.  Then he made Liam a little wooden knife to match.  It is the darn cutest thing.

At our annual Christmas Dinner Date, we played Reverse Charades.  Have you played it yet?

Now let me tell you about Slice's presents.
I bought them just after Thanksgiving, and I covered all my tracks.  I bought them with my Zions credit card that Slice never uses, shipped them to my mom's house, deleted all emails from Amazon regarding my order.  (Then found him going through my trash folder!!) 
I gave Slice ZERO clues.  Still, HE GUESSED what the big one was, right down to the brand.
I swear that kid is a mind reader.

Fortunately the hatchet was still a good surprise, and I think I won the brownie points this year.

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