cracking ceilings and movie trips

Our church building is currently condemned.  It started with a crack in the chapel ceiling and escalated to a smoking ballast in the Primary Room (which caused a fire alarm!), and then they told us to get anything we needed out of the building because they were changing all the outside locks.

We've been relocated to another building and shifted to 1:30 church, which is just great .... naptime for BOTH my kids.  I will probably be attending my parents' ward every Sunday that Slice works until we get back in our own building.  

So, right now, Slice is at church and I'm home with both my kids in bed.  It's been a crazy weekend.

We drove to Salt Lake on Friday and made a trek to the one and only Scheels, which was cool.  It would have been cooler without ten thousand people there but hey, that's what you get for visiting a retail establishment five days before Christmas.  Liam loved the Ferris wheel.

We drove up to Ogden and got the kids ready for bed before driving BACK to Jordan Commons to see The Hobbit in IMAX.  (I was telling Slice about how awesome it was when Jordan Commons opened.  And he had no idea the building was the old Jordan High School that my parents graduated from. Ha!)

By the time we got back to Odgen it was 3 a.m. which is WAY later than I've gone to bed in a very, very long time.  Then Liam kept us up for the rest of the night with his coughing.  This is why we don't go places.

Saturday we shopped and ate and packed and drove back to the horrid subzero temperatures of the Basin.  We even made it in time to go to a party with all the friends we do weekly playdates with (plus husbands!), which was probably the highlight of my week.  I pretty much love all those people.  We always have a good time.

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