Pins of Interest

I'm still here, blogging away, though it seems I am part of a shrinking group.  Blame Pinterest for at least half the decline.

Speaking of Pinterest - I've been surprised by the pins of mine that have gotten the most attention.  A recipe for microwave caramels got like 25 repins in an hour. And I haven't even tried it! (Oh, but I will.)

Other popular pins: Irish lace scarf.  I actually tried to crochet this but I got discouraged.  It was taking way too long and I was in a crocheting frenzy.  Never picked it back up again.  It's beautiful though, no?

Free printables.  I NEVER print stuff.  I looked at these and liked them and then they went into that closet in my brain where I keep things I think I might use someday.  Like when I have a bigger house with WALLS. (That are made of sheetrock, not plaster or concrete, so I can change my decor every once in a while.)

Oh, the Places You'll Go.  A really cute idea, if I remember it in four years when my oldest starts school.  But then I'll probably have to do it for all my kids and oh, it is just so much!

Honorable mention: paracord gun strap.  Slice pinned this for me, I guess he wants one or something.  Apparently some other people do too.

Tree quilt with initials: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.  I'm going to make my mother make me one.  Just you wait and see.

Shared nursery on a budget.  This one keeps getting repinned, over a year later. I still love the original but my space and budget and decorating skills are not up to par, I'm afraid.  My kids' room looks like what it is: cramped and eclectic.  Not in a good way.

Speaking of shared nurseries, YOU GUYS.  This mom has four kids in one cute room and I am in awe.  How does she do it?  Do they sleep at night?  Does she sleep at night?  I'm about to write her an email and beg for advice, because MG is back downstairs after a few weeks where our nights got progressively worse and worse. Liam was up crying and woke MG and they talked (yelled?) to each other all night long and I.don't.function. without enough sleep. I've come to grips with that and taken steps to preserve my sanity.  The current step being the one where MG sleeps downstairs in her pack and play because she loves it down there and she sleeps for 12 hours straight without a peep.

I'm blogging in circles.

I leave you with MG licking a chocolate cookie dough beater.


amy morgan said...

So... you happen to have a SIL with access to a vinyl cutting machine. And every color of vinyl. Tell me what you want, how big you want it, and what color, and those walls of yours will be DEC.O.RATED!
The rest of the list o' pins... I got nothin' ;)

Jean said...

I've been thinking, it would be pretty cool to have a Mona Lisa in vinyl on my wall. That'd be easy, right?